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Your Culture Shock Here.

Hardcore NES shoot-'em-up games make you do STRANGE things, like this watermelon-explosion-by-16persec-finger thing. (I'm a native Japanese who was an elementary school student in the 1980s who had a Famicom who's a fairly good English speaker nowadays.)

Get ready for culture shock...

... This is why st*pid Americans make movies like "Lost In Translation" and "Kill Bill." Well well. Oh well.

OK, you need some explanation. Around 1985-1987, shoot-'em-up games from Hudson Soft, namely Star Force and Star Soldier were big hits. Then came Takahashi-Meijin (高橋名人, "Meijin" means "Da Master Of Us All" or sth and Takahashi is his last name) who can fire the Hudson Joystick button 16 times per second. He is still popular and he has a podcast/blog in Japanese.

Then, his rival Mouri-Meijin (毛利名人) came up and he was considered a cool, urban kind of goal-oriented great Star Soldier player, although he could fire only up to 14 times per sex... or sec. (Sorry)

Ok, so the above movie is the opening of 1986(I suppose) Japanese film 「GAME KING 高橋名人VS毛利名人 激突!大決戦」 (Translation: GAME KING Takahashi vs. Mouri Furious Collision Grande(italian)-Winner-Determining Fight :P) The game there is Star Soldier for the NES.

And the following movie is the content of the fight. In the next few months, I might wanna work on English subtitles but you get the spirit.

Takahashi's Podcast:
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Xbox Tournament Sat 1/27. $1500 in Prizes

For gamers 21 and over

Sponsored by Hollywood Video and Rockstar Energy Drinks

Think you have enough game to win over $1500 in prizes? Join us for some HALO 2 on Saturday Jan 27th to challenge Portland’s finest gamers. Registration starts at 6 PM, Gaming starts at 6:30 PM.

Are you 21 years or older, but still love to play HALO 2?

Do you hate it when little kids kick your tail online?

Like to talk smack face to face, while fragging someone?

Did you just get a new console for Christmas? Is your Xbox, Gamecube, or PS2 gathering dust?

Don’t sell it, donate and get a tax write off AND feel good about supporting Doernbechers Children's Hospital.

Entrance Fee of $25 OR donate your old Xbox 1, Playstation 2, or Gamecube to get a chance at the $1500 in prizes, including a spank’in new Xbox 360 console and game package.

Limited spots are available, so first come first serve. Preregistration is recommended. Call 503-924-3133 and register with a credit card to hold your spot.

Who: Chopperz, Hollywood Video, Rockstar, and Doernbechers
What: Gamefest 2007 Xbox Charity Tournament for Gamers 21 and over
When: Sat, 1/27 starting at 6 PM
Why: Over $1500 in prizes, including a new Xbox 360 package
How: Call 503-924-3133 for more details
[]Chopperz- the NON Salon[/link]
2096 NW Stucki Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124
In Tanasbourne, Across from PF Changs

Contact us info

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Heh, I thought Id give this group some attention with a post..

Anyone wanna get together for a GK session? Ive been 21 for about 7 months now but have yet to booze/game it up since then! We could pregame somewhere or just meet there.. I haven't felt the GK love in some time and need a fix!

So, anyone interested?


Enter your initials when you get a high score, otherwise it not only looks like you beat me, but you also don't care/weren't even TRYING to beat me.

And if your initials really are AAA, ignore this post.
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(Parenthesis are fun)

Gamespy's got an article on the return of Classic Gamer Magazine(don't worry, I've never heard of it either)! This bi-monthly magazine is an online read apparently, and can be downloaded in a 7 MB .pdf file (I hated Acrobat Reader until I realized I think you're supposed to print them out, THEN read them, but that in itself is a pretty stupid concept). If you've got some time to kill, I say read it. The place may be pretty low-brow with a CafePress Shop.... *chuckle* what kind of stupid site has a CafePress shop and considers it a stor- oh wait, but with retro gaming, I'll take any news coverage I can get.